Mount Gurla Mandhata Expedition

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The Mount Gurlamandhata (Memo Nangni 7694m) in western Tibet is the neighboring mountain situated very close by the sacred mountain Kailash. It lies in the western side’s Himalayan ranges lying in the Purang County. The local people call it the Namo Nanngni means the Fairy's Peak and it is made with six ridges. The west ridge is like the Fan shaped and East Ridge is with very much steeper cliffs. Towards its North the holy lake Manasarovar and Langatse are situated. Gurla Mandata's base camp is situated on the glacier at 5600m, high.

The way to the ascent goes via Zalonpa glacier from the Northern slope. From the top of the Gurla Mandata, you can see the beautiful sparkling lakes Manasarovar and Rakshas (Demond lake); and then the mountain Kailash peak can be seen along with this on its background. The ascent can be started from the Zalunpa glacier. The famous mount Kailash peak and Manasarovar Lake are on the way to this Gurla Mandhata Expedition trip.

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