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Since ancient times all wise cultures have known the value of retreat. Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of our life, to listen deeply to our body, heart and mind. The Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation Workshop comprises practical instruction and group support for building and strengthening your practice. This gift to yourself gives you real time and space for personal reflection creating the circumstances for your deeper wisdom to find its way into your every day life. With no diversions there is nothing to distract us. Self-knowledge and understanding grow as we see that we can live each moment with clarity and awareness.

In ancient times exercise and meditation were inseparable pathways to awareness.Today, the powerful techniques of mindful yoga, breathing and meditation help us balance the demands of daily life to offer lasting holistic benefits for the body, mind and spirit. When we cultivate the wisdom of our body and mind through movements practices, breathing exercises, and meditation, we invite peace of mind. We offer this mindfulness meditation and yoga practice in the magical setting of Bhutan, where you can unwind, relax and come into a more integrated relationship with yourself and your world.  Each day of the retreat begins with morning practice of Mindful Yoga and Sitting Meditation. After spending the day exploring the religious and cultural riches of Paro you will return to Hotel Zhiwa Ling for restorative yoga and deep relaxation. The evening sessions include talks on how you can incorporate mindfulness practices in daily life, discussion, meditation and reflection.

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