Mount Everest North Expedition

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Mt. Everest North Expedition - George Mallory was in fact the first person ever to set foot on the mountain when he climbed to the nearby Lhakpa La from the eastern side during the first Everest reconnaissance of 1921. It was from the Lhakpa La Mallory first saw the North Col and the upper East Rongphuk glacier. He could see the long sweep of the north ridge leading up from the North Col to the Summit and realized that at last he had discovered a potential way to climb Everest, In a state of great excitement he dashed across the upper East Rongbuk and made the first ascent to the North Col. That night he slept on the North Col. In defiance of contemporary medical opinion as he had been told if he dared to sleep at such altitudes then he would become severely brain damaged. Mallory felt fine the next morning and climbed a short way up the north ridge but was forced to retreat because his companions were too terrified.

In earlier days climbers had to get highly expensive Everest climbing permit from Chinese authorities even if they did not really want to summit Everest. Now we can climb up to North Col (8848 meter below summit) without an Everest permit. This trip offers a classic opportunity to highly ambitious trekker-climber who wants to experience climbing Mt. Everest without spending too much money and time.

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