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A overland drive from Kathmandu on the Tibetan plateu by following newly introduced route via Kyirong border, Kathmandu EBC Lhasa Tour is a comprehensive and detour of Tibet cultural sites including Exploration of Rongbuk monastery one of the oldest monastery in south central Tibet at the shadow of world highest peak Mt. Chomolungma (Everest) and its Base Camp north side. This trip is one of the most popular and fascinating because The journey from Kathmandu to Lhasa including north Everest base camp is one of the dreams for every explorer/traveler. The overland journey grips you more overland adventure on Tibetan land. The Rongbuk monastery itself is one of ancient and highest monastery in Tibet. After that we will visit the largest economic hub Shigatse city and Gyantse city including visiting some monasteries which are most unique and old in history.

As we know, Tibet is described with vast in terms of geographical and altitude. But Kathmandu EBC Lhasa tour is not that much vast tour because we Tibet Holidays organize dozens of groups in this region. The tour is safe and suitable even for the child to all kinds of senior people.

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