Everest Advance BC North Trek

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Everest advance base camp north from Tibetan side crosses the Tibetan highlands to witness the real beuty of Tibetan highland plateau and it is also a ideal choice to have a basic mountaineering training to fit yourself in the high altitude and experience the Everest by touching the soul. It is 6500m high above sea level. it is also the world’s highest Tibet trekking route that takes you as close to the summit of Everest as any non-climber can reach, with basic climbing gears and mountaineering skill. The trekking takes around 4/5 days from Rongbuk monastery and The 22km trekking route starts with Everest Base Camp (5200m) and trekkers move upwards along hills beside the Rongphu Glacier. Tourists are able to appreciate the peculiar shape of glaciers and then reach the Intermediate Camp(5800m) and keep heading upwards by passing the East Rongphu Glacier till the final destination Advanced Base Camp (6500m), located alongside of the East Rongphu Glacier.

Everest advane base camp north trek is one of the real adventure of a life time. It is recommended to have basic experience of alpinism who have experience of trekking above 4000m would be helpful. It is not recommended for children and above 70 years elder. There is not specific fitness required anyone could take part in the trip who have strong will power.


You will be staying at  good reviewed  3 star in Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse if you prefer better hotel there is always option to upgrade the hotel and if you prefer to get booked own prefer hotel we are always ready to book for you. In Everest base camp the Rongbuk Guest house is a local guesthouse with dormitory room and comon bath or camping can be prefered. There will be camping during trekking period. Our camping tents are well maintained two men tents for group members, dining and kitchen tents along with kitchen table and other necessary equipements. In kyirong it is good guesthouse but do not expect fancy.

Altitude Problem and Physical Fitness Required

Trekking to Everest base camp north goes upto 6500m, high physical fitness along with prior experience at trekking in high altitudes required. It will help if you have previous trekking experience preferably in high altitudes at least 5000m. It is also important that you have a positive attitude and a strong determination and will power. We also advise our guest(s) to consult their doctor for vaccination and other medical requirements before taking the trip. Regular exercise, jugging, stretching and medication or yoga may be good idea before taking the trip.


We provide hygenically food prepared by our own experienced cook during trekking. All meals during trekking and only breakfast during the driving or touring sessions are included in this trip. We are expected to pay for lunches and dinners in the city in Lhasa on our own. Breakfast will be taken in the same place we stay the night. Similar arrangements can also be made for dinner. Lunch will be taken en route to the next destination(s). It is advisable to budget Yuan 60 to Yuan 100(USD10 to USD16) for lunch and dinner in a single day. Only basic meal choices like Tibetan bread and tsampa porridge will be available in remote locations. Freshly cooked full board food will be served by trained and experienced cooks on full-board basis during camping.

Recommended Clothing & Accessories

As the tempreture varies greatly between day and night (from Max. 20 degrees celcius to Min. -10 degrees celcius) one should prepare accordingly. Woolen gloves, Balaclava, Sun hat, Thermal wear, Water bottle, Woolen sockes, Personal Towel, Light and Warm parka Jacket, Sunglasses, Sun Cream, Torch with extra batteries, Muffler, Mask, Raincoat, Sweater, T-Shirt, Sleeping bag and comfortable walking shoes are recommended for Ganden to Samye Trekking.

Travel Insurance

Full travel insurance coverage for medicine, Helicopter evacuation, if in case of immergency, lost of belongings and trip cancilation is strongly recommended for this trip.

Best Time to Travel

Spring (April to May) and Autumn (September to October) is the best seasons for the Everest Advance Base Camp Norrth Trek.

Trip Start / Dates and Cost

Trip can be started either from Kathmandu or Lhasa. You could even check our fixed group joing trips. Check available trip dates and cost for Everst Advance Base Camp North  or Please contact us for your customized departure date and cost. We are always welcome for customization as per your preference. 

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