Some Important Monasteries and Caves Around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarover

30th April, 2018

ccording to Tibetan Buddhism, there are "Four Purification Gates" (Khrus Go) at the lake: the eastern gate is where pilgrims eat a small pinch of Five-Coloured Crystal Sand (Jema Nanga); at the southern gate pilgrims collect a type of plant which is burned as incense (Pho Nanga); the western gate is where the white soil is found which is used as a flavouring in tea (Bul Nanga); at the northern gate pilgrims search for small stones on which are found natural images of Buddhas and Tibetan writing. These four things are sought after as purification for negative deeds and as a blessing from the holy lake. Pilgrims take them, with water and dried fish from the lake, to their family and friends as a blessing.