Festival and Events in Nepal

Festivals have played an important part in Nepali life and culture for centuries, and it seems like almost every day there is celebration happening somewhere in the country. These can range from small-scale local festivals held by one of the country’s many tribes and ethnic groups, right up to nationwide Buddhist and Hindu celebrations, full of colour and music.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Nepal at the right time to experience these festivities, it can add a truly unique experience to your vacation. 2023 – 2024 promises to be a big time for Nepali festivals once more!

Nepal is rich in cultural heritage; and the festivals that are celebrated throughout the years are the proof of it. Most of Nepali festivals are celebrated to honor Gods & Goddess from different religions and relive the ancient traditions & cultures. Every festivals have their own importance, unique story and different ways of celebrating it. Festivals in Nepal are celebrated with great exitement and has helped to strengthen the relationship between the peoples. Some of the most appreciated festivals & events of Nepal are:

Nepal Festival Calendar 2023 - 2024

Festivals Celebrated by Religious Followers & Community Festival Calendar
2023 2024
Tamu Lhosar Gurung Community  Dec. 30 Dec. 30
Sonam Lhosar Tamang Comunity Jan. 22 Feb. 10
Gyalpo Lhosar Sherpa & Tibetan Ethnic Feb. 21 Mar. 11
Basant Panchami Hindu & Sikh followers Jun. 26 Feb. 14
Holi All Nepal Mar. 6-7 Mar. 24-25
Ghode Jatra All Nepal Mar. 21 Apr. 11
Nepali New Year (Basket Jatra) All Nepal Apr. 14 Apr. 13
Buddha Jayanti Buddhist followers May. 26 May. 23
Rato Machhindranath Newar Community May-June May-June
Nag Panchami Hindu followers Aug. 31 Aug. 19
Gai Jatra All Nepal (Kathmandu Valley Only) Sep. 01 Aug. 20
Krishna Janmasthami Hindu followers Sep. 6-7 Aug. 26-27
Teej Hindu followers (Women) Sep. 18 Sep. 06
Rishi Panchami Hindu followers Sep. 19 Sep. 08
Indra Jatra Newar Community Sep. 28 Sep. 17
Dashain Hindu followers Oct. 15-28 Oct. 03-12
Tihar Hindu followers Nov. 13-15 Nov. 1-3
Chhath Hindu followers Nov. 17