India Festival Calendar

India is an intoxicating country that brims with a mind stirring mix of landscapes and cultural traditions. India is known to be a country where festivals are more than the number of days in a year, and the Indian calendar is one long procession of festivals with every month embracing innumerable festivals. As a land of many religions, each festival has its own signature style of celebration. But always with great pomp and show! While it is difficult to feature all the festivals, this calendar gives you a glimpse into some of the most significant and exciting ones. 

Hindu Festival Dates 2016-2025

Here are the dates for Hindu festivals, including Diwali, Hindi New Year, Maha Shiva Ratri, and Holi, from 2016 to 2025.

YearMakar SakrantiVasant PanchamiMaha Shiva RatriHoliHindi New YearRama NavamiNavaratriDiwali
2016Jan. 15Feb. 12March 7March 24April 8April 15Oct. 1Oct. 30
2017Jan. 14Feb. 1Feb. 24March 13March 28April 5Sept. 21Oct. 19
2018Jan. 14Jan. 21Feb. 13March 2March 18March 25Oct. 9Nov. 6
2019Jan. 14Feb. 9March 5March 21April 5April 13Sept. 29Oct. 27
2020Jan. 14Jan. 29Feb. 21March 9March 24April 2Oct. 17Nov. 14
2021Jan. 14Feb. 16March 11March 28April 12April 21Oct. 6Nov. 4
2022Jan. 14Feb. 5Feb. 28March 18April 1April 10Sept. 26Oct. 24
2023Jan. 14Jan. 25Feb. 18March 7March 22March 30Oct. 15Nov. 12
2024Jan. 14Feb. 13March 8March 25April 9April 16Oct. 3Oct. 31
2025Jan. 14Feb. 2Feb. 25March 14March 29April 5Sept. 22Oct. 20