Trekking in Nepal

A trekking in NEPAL is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. If you have the time and energy to trek,don't miss the opportunity to trek and see the COUNTRY'S spectacular beauty and unique culture. THE only way to truly visit the remote regions of the kingdom is in the slowest and most intimate manner - trekking. It requires more time and effort, but the rewards are also greater instead of zipping down a freeway, racing to the next 'point of interest', each step provides new and intriguing viewpoints. Nepal is a trekkers’ paradise, whether you want something short, slow and easy; or something tough and demanding (perhaps a circuit of the highest mountains.) Whatever you choose you will be walking through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The Himalayas contain eight of the world's ten highest mountains, and you will be amongst them. At the same time you will be passing through local villages