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China is a huge country and the climate can vary widely from place to place, so it's important to plan your trip accordingly. Your decision could change depending on what type of weather you enjoy and where, exactly, you want to visit. Traveling the Golden Route of China (Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and Guilin) is just like traveling in New York, Chicago, Santa Fe, and Jacksonville in America. In other words, you can experience different weather in China as you travel from place to place.

Best Time to Visit China

China is an ideal getaway all year round. Whenever you come, China has something for you. While the best time to visit China is in April, May, September and October. Traveling during these period would be rewarded with comfortable weather and breathtaking landscape, while that also means your travel cost will likely be higher, too. Traveling in other months is also suggested, because you would be rewarded with extraordinary landscape, less crowded attraction area as well as cheap accomodation.

What to Wear

China has a continental and seasonal climate, and while most parts of the country are in a relatively temperate zone and some areas in the south are have a tropical or subtropical climate. If you go far enough to the north, of course, there are many areas in a frigid zone.

When you prepare for your trip, consider the average seasonal temperatures so as to know what to bring:


  • Spring (10-22°C) – Jackets, sports coats, suits, and long sleeve shirts are appropriate for this time of year. Be sure to have some good travel shoes.
  • Summer (22°C and up) – You can wear T-shirts, short sleeves, skirts, and sandals, but you should also bring a cap and reliable rain gear.
  • Autumn (10-22°C) – You will want some good rain wear and travel shoes, as well as some light woolen sweaters, jackets, and other comfortable clothes.
  • Winter (10°C and lower) – Be sure to have an overcoat, cotton clothes, and a lined coat. You should also consider bringing a hat, gloves, and padded shoes for particularly cold areas.

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