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China is endowed with breathtaking scenery, time-honored history and profound culture, which makes world-renowned tourist cities available in China, such as Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou and the likes. Buying everything on the first two days is not suggested, because each city has its own specialties that can not be missed on your shopping list. The must-buys in each city have been listed below.

Beijing Shopping

cloisonné, dough shaping, jade ware, carved lacquer ware and fresh water pearls are all wha you can not miss

Shanghai Shopping

Silk carpets, Shanghai dough sculpture, Jiading straw handicraft and Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry are all what you can not miss.

Xian Shopping

Replicas of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Tang tri-colored Pottery, Folk Paper-cuts and Lantian Jade are all the must-haves for your Xian shopping


Guilin Shopping

Scroll paintings, Southern Candies, Yangshuo Painted Fan and Paper Umbrellas are all the must-buys in your Guilin travel.

Hangzhou Shopping

Hangzhou Silk, Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea, Hangzhou Embroidery and Hangzhou Chrysanthemum would be the highlight of your Hangzhou shopping 

Chengdu Shopping

Besides world-famous brands, handicrafts like Shu brocade,Qingcheng silk carpet, and Bamboo-over-porcelain ware should be included in your shopping list.

Chongqing Shopping

Rongchang Paper Fan, Three Gorge Ink Stone, Shu Embroidery and Jiangjin Swelled Candy Rice are all must-have for your Chongqing shopping.

Hong Kong Shopping


Shopping in Hong Kong never fails to be an fantastic experience for any shopping-lovers. The must-buys in Hong Kong are clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances.

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