• Kailash Journey - Life Time Pilgrimage Journey on The Roof of The World

    Kailash Journey - Life Time Pilgrimage Journey on The Roof of The World

    Kailash journey is one of the life time pilgrimage journey for Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and ancient Bon religion. Once you visit there you will feel sanctity, a change of conciousness and a certain peace of mind.

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  • Guge Kingdom & Khyunglung Valley Tour

    Guge Kingdom & Khyunglung Valley Tour

    Guge Kingdom extends along the banks of the upper Sutlej from Khyunglung, southwest of Montser, as far as the Indian border, where the river flows into Kinnaur below the Sibkyi La pass.

  • Kathmandu Lhasa Overland Tour

    Kathmandu Lhasa Overland Tour

    Kathmandu Lhasa Overland Tour is the best way to travel Tibet. It is also a scenic drive on the both Nepal and Tibetan land. The tour includes some of the most unique cultural heritage and monasteries and lakes including mt. Everest base camp north.

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  • Nepal Special Area Trekking

    Nepal Special Area Trekking

    Special Area Trekking in Nepal such as Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Upper Humla, Manaslu, Tsum Valley and Upper Mugu would be your ideal choice to scape on the wilderness and off the beaten trail. Lets make your dream come true with Tibet Holidays!

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  • Great Himalaya Trail Trek

    Great Himalaya Trail Trek

    Great Himalaya Trail starts from Bhutan to the east and Kazakistan to the west. The entire 70% Great Himalayan Range covers in Nepal.

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Everest Base Camp Trekking
Everest Base Camp Trekking
15 days

USD 1,500 USD 1,280

Limi Valley Trekking
Limi Valley Trekking
22 days

USD 2,550 USD 2,260

Upper Mustang Trekking
Upper Mustang Trekking
17 days

USD 2,515 USD 2,250

Lhasa and Namtso Lake Tour
Lhasa and Namtso Lake Tour
6 days

USD 880 USD 750


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  • Trip start: 8th July, 2023
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